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Putin’s Paranoia and Moldova – CEPA March 7, 2023 0 (0)


Vladimir Putin’s regime has long invested in holding Moldova within its orbit. The dark operations of its military and intelligence services have been illuminated by various reports; its “peacekeeping forces” (an army of occupation) have severed the long sliver of Moldovan territory it calls Transnistria from the rest of the country, and its state-owned energy companies have delivered misery to the population and its economic prospects.

Who Can Pay for Putin’s War? Step Forward Vladimir – CEPA March 7, 2023 5 (1)


The West invariably plays by the rules while our enemies break them. It’s time to bend them, a little.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has caused immense human suffering alongside a catastrophic hit to Ukraine’s stock of capital and its productive capacity. Estimates suggest the economic losses might be anywhere from $500bn-$1 trillion and counting, as Russian missiles continue to rain down.


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