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Where Most Aid to Ukraine Comes From

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The United States pledged $50.9 billion in military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine between the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022 and November 20. Data from the Ukraine Support Tracker shows that, as a single country, the U.S. has provided by far the most aid to Ukraine, followed by EU institutions ($37.2 billion), the UK ($7.5 billion), Germany ($5.8 billion) and Canada ($5.1 billion).

According to the pioneers of the tracker at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, where the U.S. had initially committed nearly twice as much as all EU countries and institutions combined, a new 18-billion-euro Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) package agreed by the EU for 2023 narrowed the gap. When all EU Institutions and countries are combined, their total pledged support now comes out at just under 52 billion euros. In November, Christoph Trebesch, head of the team compiling the Ukraine Support Tracker, stated: “Until now, the EU’s support to Ukraine since the start of the war has always lagged behind that of the United States. This has changed in recent weeks, as the total value of EU commitments now exceeds those of the U.S. The large new EU pledges are a welcome development, given the major role of this war for European security.”

When considering bilateral aid in terms of a percentage of GDP, several European countries come out on top with Estonia (1.1 percent), Latvia (0.9 percent) and Poland (0.5 percent) as the most generous donors. The U.S. then ranks tenth, as it provides 0.2 percent of its GDP.

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