Don Quijote de la Mancha -Miguel de Cervantes-


En ruta a las Lagunas de Peñalara (Parque de Guadarrama) 0 (0)

Laguna Peñalara

Ruta a las Lagunas de Peñalara, donde podremos visitar el conjunto de cinco lagunas de origen glaciar en una zona relativamente llana entre los 2200 y 200 metros. El contraste de las lagunas con la zona rocosa del macizo color “verde con manchas blanquecinas” nos daran unas vistas panorámicas impresionantes

From Fabius Maximus How did the Army's leadership problem grow so bad? 0 (0)

Fabius Maximus

The US spends $600 billion on the US military (narrowly defined; almost a trillion broadly), yet repeatedly fails to defeat our poorly trained and equipped foes. In this chapter of our series asking “why”, Don Vandergriff points to ways the Army selects and promotes officers (its problems are usually about people; seldom about hardware).  Tomorrow he discusses solutions.

Vandergriff (Major, Army, retired) is a long-time co-author on the FM website and one of America’s foremost experts on ways to reform the military’s personnel systems. See his bio here


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